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Compare High Speed Internet Packages

Compare - Business Starter with Business Select

Choose 2 Packages for Comparison:

Business Starter

$56.95 / monthfor 36 months

Business Select

$91.95 / monthfor 36 months
Efficiency Business Starter Business Select
Download Speed up to 16 Mbps 28 Mbps
Upload Speed up to 2 Mbps 10 Mbps
Monthly Data Transfer Capacity Unlimited Unlimited
Email Business Starter Business Select
Email Addresses Included 7 10
Email Space per Address 2 GB 2 GB
Other Business Starter Business Select
Web Hosting Hosting Section Hosting Section
IP Addresses 2 dynamic IP addresses 3 dynamic IP addresses
Security Services For up to 4 users For up to 4 users
Modem Rental
Rate Business Starter Business Select
3-year commitment
$56.95 / month
$91.95 / month
1-year commitment
$61.95 / month
$96.95 / month
Without a commitment
$66.95 / month
$101.95 / month
Package Details Package Details

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