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Enter a world of television viewing unlike anything you’ve seen before!

Cogeco HD offers:

  • A superior image quality and the purity of Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound - It’s like going to the movies without leaving your home.
  • The best of HD programming. With Cogeco Cable, you’ll have access to a wide range of HD channels.
  • Easy installation. Plug your HD receiver into your HD TV and start experiencing the quality of HD!

Equipment required to enjoy HD

To enjoy Cogeco HD, you must have:

  • An HD TV
  • An HD receiver
  • The HD version of a channel— channels 700 and above
Learn more about HD images through our interactive demo!

HD Channels available

HD channels to choose from for HD Digital value Pack and HD Digital Select packages

Free HD channels

HD Premium channels

HD World and Adventure

  • HIFI also available in HD

    From classic rock to classical opera, from the world's great museums to the passionate world of quirky collections, HIFI brings, in brilliant high definition, a beautiful and sophisticated mix of the world's best art programming to your family.

    Visit the HIFI website
  • LOVE NATURE also available in HD

    See nature in a spectacular new light. Discover, explore and connect with the wonder and beauty of nature. Commercial-free, family-friendly programming invites you to unearth every astonishing detail—from natural phenomena to the marvels of the animal kingdom. LOVE NATURE showcases exclusive series from around the globe, shot in the highest quality imaginable.

    Visit the LOVE NATURE website
  • radX HD also available in HD

    Welcome to radX, the only high definition channel dedicated to bringing epic stories of risk, adventure and danger to vibrant life on your big screen TV.

    Visit the radX HD website
  • Smithsonian also available in HD

    Where incredible is the standard. Inquisitive, entertaining, and inspiring, Smithsonian Channel is a celebration of culture that transports viewers far beyond the ordinary. It reveals a vast scope of stories and experiences that drive humanity – though air and space, science and nature, pop culture, and history. Featuring exclusive, award-winning programming, and an insatiable spirit, it truly is a feast for the curious.

    Visit the Smithsonian website

Super Sports Pack


    The Pennant Race Begins Here! Catch up to 60 regular season, out-of-town, Major League Baseball games each week. That's 1,400 games a season! Follow your favourite Major League Baseball teams and players throughout the regular season with MLB Extra Innings. Order MLB Extra Innings with the SUPER SPORTS PACK today!

  • NBA LEAGUE PASS.  also available in HD

    With NBA LEAGUE PASS you won’t miss a minute of live NBA action this season. You can follow your favorite teams, your favorite players, and catch your favorite match-ups all season long. NBA LEAGUE PASS brings you the very best out-of-market games per week. It’s a slam dunk! Order NBA LEAGUE PASS with the SUPER SPORTS PAK today!

    Visit the NBA LEAGUE PASS. website
  • NFL SUNDAY TICKET also available in HD

    Follow your favourite team and catch the most exciting match-ups on the way to the playoffs with NFL Sunday TICKET. You won't miss another snap, sack or single-score because NFL Sunday TICKET puts you on the sidelines of up to 14 games every Sunday afternoon. Don't miss another moment of the action. Order NFL Sunday Ticket with the SUPER SPORTS PACK today!

    Visit the NFL SUNDAY TICKET website
  • NHL CENTRE ICE also available in HD

    NHL Centre Ice offers you front row seats to all the best live hockey action from around the NHL. See the games and match-ups you want with our exclusive package of over 1000 exciting NHL games with up to 35 out-of-market NHL games per week, plus select games from the first 2 rounds of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Order NHL Centre Ice with the SUPER SPORTS PACK today!

    Visit the NHL CENTRE ICE website
  • OHL ACTION PAK also available in HD

    Get your hockey fix here! OHL Action Pak offers more than 250 regular season and playoff games. It's Canada's most exciting brand of hockey and the place you'll see tomorrow's hockey stars today. For the serious Ontario Hockey League fan, OHL Action Pak is a must with live, home and away coverage of the most exciting junior teams within our Cogeco market. Order OHL Action Pak with the SUPER SPORTS PACK today!

    Visit the OHL ACTION PAK website

    See great US College Football and Basketball action part of the Super Sports Pak at no extra cost. Follow great football teams like the Miami Hurricanes, Ohio State Buckeyes and the Alabama Crimson Tide and follow all basketball action heading into the March Madness tournament.

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