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Ultra Fast and Effective Internet Security Services

Optimized by F-Secure, a worldwide leader in the field of the Internet security, Cogeco Security Services are state of the art. You are protected at all times and your computer is always up and running.

Key Features for Windows

  • Protects your computer from viruses, spyware, worms and other malicious software.
  • Automatically blocks harmful advertisements and websites and protects your online activities.
  • Parental control and Firewall protect you and your children from inappropriate content, spam and other threats.
  • Personalized setting for each user

Key Features for Mac

  • Provides enhanced protection against viruses, spyware, infected e-mail attachments and other malware.
  • Firewall protects your network connection against all new threats.
  • Panic button to stop all unwanted traffic to your Mac.


  • Available for Windows and Mac.
  • Fast and easy installation.
  • Improved user interface to easily manage your Security Services.
  • Doesn’t slow down your computer.
  • Always on, always working.
  • Frequent automatic updates keep your computer protected against the latest threats.
  • Included with most Cogeco Internet packages.

Why Cogeco Security Services are better than a free online Security Service?

Cogeco security Services are offering you more features and benefits than any free service offered online. Here are a few benefits to support that point:

  • 15 protection features included in your Service compared to much less with a free service
  • Auto renewal
  • "Set it and forget it", no need to manually upgrade or run scheduled virus scans.
  • Parental control feature
  • Protection against identity theft
  • Fraud protection
  • Active Shield
  • Award winning protection
  • Complete and free technical and customer support available to you 24/7

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