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Data Usage and Billing FAQ

Why charge for data usage that exceeds my limit?

Every year, Canadians are using an increasing amount of bandwidth to download music and videos, or to play online games. Indeed, Internet traffic continues to grow every year in Canada.

Every year, Cogeco invests significantly in its Internet network to meet the growing traffic demands of its subscribers. The company also needs to manage its Internet traffic to ensure fair bandwidth usage among its end-use subscribers. Usage-based billing is one of the tools recognized by the industry and the CRTC to manage the increase in Internet traffic.

This pricing approach promotes a controllable distribution of Internet traffic by creating an incentive for subscribers to choose the package that best meets their needs, and then limit their usage.

Given the various usage patterns of Internet end-users, this billing approach ensures fairness among subscribers. It is legitimate and fair that end-users consuming more bytes than the amount of GB in their package pay more for their usage.

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