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Cable Connection FAQ

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What are inputs?

As shown above, there are many different inputs or ways to connect different devices to your television.

For your television service you typically will use 4 different types of inputs. The amount of inputs or naming of the inputs will vary by manufacturer. You may need to make reference to your television manual for more information.

Coaxial: Shown in yellow, is the main way to connect your cable service to your television. This will provide you with a standard definition service. It will typically show up on the input list on your television as: Cable or TV

RCA or Composite: Shown in blue, is another way to connect your devices or cable box to your television. This will provide you with a standard definition service. Some newer televisions try to save space by combining RCA and component together. This will allow you to plug the yellow connection into the Y or green component connection as your video.  This can show up on the input list as: Video, AV

Component or YPbPr: Shown in red, is a way to connect to your devices to your television that will provide you with high definition service, capable of 1080i. It requires 3 separate cables (Red, Green, Blue) for your video and 2 (Red, White) for your audio. This can show up on the input list as: Component, YBpBr or colourstream.

HDMI: Shown in green, is the most up to date way to connect high definition devices to your television. It will provide you with HD service currently up to 1080p definition but will future capabilities of 4k. This can show up on the input list as: HDMI

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