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What does the red light on my digital receiver mean?

What does the red light on my digital receiver mean?

The red light indicates that a message is waiting for you to retrieve.

Cogeco may choose to communicate with you from time to time to inform you about upcoming events, changes and promotional information. These messages are not of an urgent nature and do not reflect any information on your account or billing issues.

There are two ways to know that you have a Digital Message from Cogeco.

  1. You will see a red light on your receiver.
  2. You will access the Messages section through your main menu and see the list of messages that are awaiting your attention.

To access the Messages section, please follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Press the Menu/Settings button twice to bring up the main MENU. (Pressing once will only bring up a quick menu.)
  • Step 2: Select the Messages section from the Main Menu to bring up a list of messages
  • Step 3: To view the message, highlight it and then press OK.
  • Step 4: After reading a message, you must keep it, or delete it. To take either action, simply highlight your choice at the bottom of the message and press OK.

Important: If the message is deleted, the red light will go out. If a message is not deleted, the red light will turn off after approximately 48 hours.

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