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How do I set up my Favourites channel list in the Interactive Guide (i-Guide)?

How do I set up my Favourites channel list in the Interactive Guide (i-Guide)?

Setting Favourites

The Favourites feature allows you to quickly access channels you and your family have designated as their Favourites.

Setup Favourites Lists

Create and manage Favourites from the Main Menu by selecting Setup, then Favourites Lists Setup. From there, you can create up to five unique lists. Use the on-screen keyboard to create up to five unique Favourites lists.

Access Favourites Lists

  • While watching TV, press the FAV button to skip to the next Favourite channel on the current list.
  • From TV Guide or Mini Guide, press the FAV button to bring up a filtered guide of the channels in your last accessed list. Press FAV button again to scroll through all of your Favourites Lists – the interactive guide will have a tab with each list's name.
  • From the Quick Menu select the heart icon to bring up your Favourites Lists. If you have not yet set up any Favourites, simply follow the on-screen prompts to begin a new list.


Click here to download the i-Guide Manual.

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