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How do I configure Thunderbird 3.1 (IMAP)

  1. To add an account Click on Tools" then "Accounts Settings... image configuration
  2. When this window appears, click "Account Actions" then "Add Mail Account..." image configuration
  3. Enter your "Name,” “Email address” and “Password" then click "Continue" image configuration
  4. After a short search , this window appears. Click "Edit" image configuration
  5. Change the "Username,” “Incoming,” “POP” and “110” as shown below, then click "Re-test Configuration"image configuration
  6. This window appears. Click "Create Account" image configuration
  7. A warning message appears. Check the box "I understand the risks" then click "Create Account" image configuration
  8. Click "OK" to save the settings image configuration
  9. To edit Account... Click "Tools" then "Accounts Settings..." image configuration
  10. Select your e-mail from the left then "Server Settings" and change the settings on the right image configuration
  11. To change the Outgoing Server, click "Outgoing Server (SMTP)" on the left then click "Edit" on the right image configuration
  12. Make sure you have the information shown below then click "OK" image configuration
  13. Click "OK" to save the settings image configuration

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