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A red 'X' appears above the security icon and there is an error message that says, 'Spam control: Malfunction.' Is there a problem with my computer or security service?

The 'Spam control: Malfunction' error message usually occurs when the backweb.exe application is removed from a system by an anti-spyware program. Many anti-spyware programs identify backweb.exe as spyware and erase it, but it is an application in Cogeco’s Security Services.

To correct the problem, uninstall Cogeco’s Security Services program and reinstall it. If you want to use an anti-spyware program in the future, check the list of applications that it identified as spyware to ensure that backweb.exe is not listed.

If you don’t use an anti-spyware program, it is still recommended to uninstall and reinstall the security program. Once it is uninstalled, go to the Security Services page on our website and follow the instructions in the installation guide.

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