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How do I create and publish a Web page?

There are many ways to create a Web page.

You can create a Web page or website with a free blog platform like:


You can also create a Web page on your computer, and then upload it to a server. There are several free tutorials to choose from on the Internet. To find the best one for you, we suggest doing a search on a search engine like Google.

There is also free website software available on sites like:


Once your Web page is created, you can publish it on Cogeco’s servers by using an ftp transfer program.

Use the following parameters to set up the ftp transfer:

  • Host name:
  • Address:
  • Host type: automatic detection
  • User ID or user name: Your email user name
  • Password: your email password
  • Default port: 21

Each Web address has 10 MB of storage space that can be used to publish your own Web page. Note that this option is not included in Express 6 and Express 10 packages.

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