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How do I program the remote control so that the digital receiver and the television both turn on and off at the same time?

In order for this function to work, the TV power cord must be plugged into the power outlet on the back of the digital receiver (this is not available on the DCT700 model). To make the appropriate setting changes, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Press MENU/SETTINGS twice on the digital remote control to bring up the main menu

Step 2: Select Setup

Step 3: Select Cable Receiver Setup.

The option for AC Outlet should read Switched.

If it reads Unswitched, you need to continue with the following steps:

Step 4: Move the arrow to the right

Step 5: Select Switched and then

Step 6: Press OK.

Now, when you turn the digital receiver on and off, both pieces of equipment should turn on and off as well.

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