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Digital Television Advantages

Advantages of Cogeco Digital TV

It is easy to use and offers rich programming; Cogeco Digital TV has undeniable advantages:

  • Reliability: Rain or shine, your image remains clear.
  • Reliable through all weather conditions
  • Cogeco On Demand: Access thousands of movies and shows - half of them free! Learn more
  • Installation: Simple and there is no exterior equipment to maintain.
  • Easy set up with no exterior equipment to maintain
  • TVCOGECO: Exclusive to Cogeco customers as well as more local channels.
  • TVCOGECO Exclusive local programming in your community
  • Free service calls provided to our customers
  • Flexibility and easier time management thanks to receivers that suit any lifestyle
  • Management of your recordings online with the Remote Recorder
  • Whole Home DVR to watch, record and pause live TV or recordings from any TV in your home equipped with an HD receiver. You can watch and record up to six HD TV shows simultaneously.

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