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Cogeco Remote Recorder web and iPad applications

There’s a new reason to love Cogeco Digital TV.

You can now set your recordings from anywhere!

Never miss your favourite shows thanks to the Cogeco Remote Recorder. You can program and manage your recordings online or with your iPad and take advantage of all the great recording features you enjoy at home.

With your Remote Recorder, you can:

  • Access a guide listing programming for the coming 14-day;
  • Filter by genre of programs: Movies, Kids, Sports, etc.;
  • Search by show;
  • Schedule one-time or series recording;
  • Manage, modify or cancel any scheduled recordings.

Who can use the Remote Recorder?

  • Cogeco customers that have an HD recorder


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Extend the power of Cogeco’s Remote Recorder to your iPad using the TotalGuide xD!

  • Remotely schedule recordings anytime
  • Use a sleek, graphically rich design specifically designed for the iPad
  • Find out about the cast and crew of your favourite programs, consult the channel listing, and view recommendations for other shows.
  • Intuitive search to find favourite shows, movies and celebrities.


  • Download the iPad application.Ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre.
  • Register for “My Account”.
  • Use your “My Account” credentials to use this enriched Remote Recorder iPad app.
  • Download TotalGuide xD from the App Store

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