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Channels beginning by G

G4techTV is a digital lifestyle channel for the e-generation. Technology is pervasive. It touches us all. No longer is it for geeks, nerds and techies! If it bleeps, blinks, scans or prints we cover it. G4techTV is the first service in Canada to realize the promise of the digital age.
Visit the G4 TECHTV website
Galaxie offers a dynamite mix of classic hits, contemporary chart toppers and little known treasures: from rock and country to the great arias and dance music, from jazz and blues to pop, from the soothing sounds of nature to the best sounds of yesterday. Our channels are programmed by expert programmers and designed for Canadian musical tastes. Tune in to best music the world has to offer!
Visit the GALAXIE website
GameTV is the ideal destination for fun and entertaining competition television. With a lively line-up of hit game shows like the legendary Family Feud, colourful reality series like The Block and fan favourite hit movies every night - GameTV delivers the dynamic programming that will appeal to playful fans that are looking for truly enjoyable entertainment.
Visit the GAME TV website
Geo TV is a general entertainment channel direct from Pakistan. Its programming line-up includes daily serials, news, sitcoms, children's programs, current and social affairs and more!
Visit the GEO TV website
German Kino Plus
German Kino Plus is a top rated 24/7 German channel that features the best of theatrical film, television series, documentaries and classic film.  GKP offers a wide selection of entertainment featuring the best of what Germany has to offer.
Visit the German Kino Plus website
Local news, weather, sports as well as Canadian and American comedies and dramas.
Visit the GLOBAL website
Global Affiliate - Mountain.
Visit the GLOBAL EDMONTON website
Local news, weather, sports as well as Canadian and American comedies and dramas, all in HD.
Visit the GLOBAL HD website
GMA Life TV celebrates the best in Filipino lifestyle through a vibrant mix of heart-warming movies, well-loved soap operas, cooking shows, fashion, talk, reality and comedy programs that Filipinos all over the world have come to expect from GMA.
Visit the GMA Life TV website
GMA News
Powered by the leading network in the Philippines, GMA News TV International provides Filipinos overseas the latest, most comprehensive and credible news from home. GMA News TV International is backed by the most trusted and multi-awarded Philippine news and public affairs team, making it the ultimate news source of Filipinos across the globe.
Visit the GMA News website
GMA Pinoy TV
The flagship international channel of the leading network in the Philippines, GMA Pinoy TV provides the best in Filipino entertainment and news. GMA PInoy TV's top-rating sopas, comedy, talk, reality, game, variety shows, and award-winning and credible newscasts bring Filipinos all over the world closer to home.
Visit the GMA Pinoy TV website
Golf, golf and golf! Everything for the golf fanatic.
Visit the GOLF CHANNEL website
Golf, golf and golf! Everything for the golf fanatic in HD.
Visit the GOLF CHANNEL HD website
Gol TV is Canada’s only 24-hour sports network dedicated exclusively to soccer. Led by live coverage of the world’s best teams and best players, Gol TV delivers 1,500 games a year -- more than you’ll see anywhere else.
Visit the GOLTV website
Grace TV is commited to Building Your Gospel Voice to the World with the promotion of community events, religious TV shows, contests and many more.
Visit the GRACE website
Game Show Network is one of the fastest growing cable networks and the first and only one dedicated exclusively to the game show genre. Watch such favorites as - Let's Make A Deal, Family Feud, Match Game, Wheel of Fortune, The Dating Game, The Newlywed Show, The Gong Show and much, much more.
Visit the GSN website

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