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HD Franco Plus

    In addition to the features included with Digital Basic, this package gives you access to all the most popular French-language channels.
$56.99 / month

Digital Basic HD Channels

Franco Plus HD Channels

  • addikTV also available in HD

    Yoopa is the only Quebec French-language channel exclusively dedicated to children aged two to nine. Yoopa takes children on educational adventures where learning and fun go hand-in-hand! Commercial-free.

    Visit the addikTV website
  • -

    This channel is dedicated to economy, business world, and personal finance. Informations about stock markets, investments and daily business news.

    Visit the ARGENT website
  • CANAL D also available in HD

    With its ever-popular documentary series, Canal D allows you to experience extraordinary, true stories. There's something for everybody thanks to such diverse topics as forensics, the animal kingdom, the environment, science and engineering, as well as major social issues. The documentary channel's Docu-D features the unique point of view of outspoken filmmakers. Arthouse documentaries—many of them award-winning—deal with sensitive subject matter.

    Visit the CANAL D website
  • CANAL VIE also available in HD

    Québec women have relied on Canal Vie for over the past 15 years! A variety of everyday topics are featured—renovating and decorating, style and art of living, beauty and fashion, cooking, family life and relationships—and discussed in a lively and innovative manner. Its numerous TV magazines produced locally, as well as its documentaries and docudramas, deal as much with individual privacy as social issues. Canal Vie presents shows that please viewers, and engaging and inspiring hosts! The channel reflects Québec women and their families.

    Visit the CANAL VIE website
  • CASA also available in HD

    CASA is THE reference in Home television content in French. CASA is devoted to renovation, home decor, real estate and food. Since 2014, CASA also features shows about pets.

    Visit the CASA website
  • -

    Cinépop is Canada's first French-language television channel dedicated to broadcasting timeless Canadian and international film classics. Cinépop offers a retro-hip viewing experience with a mix of classics and box office hits for people who love discovering and rediscovering movies and the biggest stars from every era. Cinépop is also offering Cinépop Sur Demande, a subscription video on demand service (SVOD) and Cinépop HD, a high-definition movie channel.

    Visit the CINEPOP website
  • Disney Junior also available in HD

    Disney Junior is committed to offering the best in engaging and development-based commercial-free programming for younger children. Focusing on magical, musical and heartfelt stories that feature beloved classic and contemporary characters, the network is home to exclusive, first-run programs from Disney, coupled with Canadian-made productions and specials.

    Visit the Disney Junior website
  • EVASION also available in HD

    Évasion is a specialty channel devoted to travel, tourism and adventure that delivers entertaining programs. It is THE network that allows audiences to truly escape, featuring an array of impassioned explorers and adventurers.

    Visit the EVASION website
  • HISTORIA also available in HD

    Historia defies our perception of history! The network introduces us to genuine people from here and abroad, through captivating documentaries and popular series that immerse us in surprising and entertaining worlds.

    Visit the HISTORIA website
  • ICI ARTV also available in HD

    ARTV is Canada’s only French-language arts and entertainment specialty channel. ARTV airs performances, documentaries, movies, magazines, fiction series, and talk shows featuring a wide range of artists… making it show time, all the time!

    Visit the ICI ARTV website
  • ICI Explora also available in HD

    ICI EXPLORA - your passport to the fascinating worlds of health, the environment, nature and science. With its captivating series and eye-opening documentaries, ICI EXPLORA proves you can never be too curious.

    Visit the ICI Explora website
  • ICI RDI also available in HD

    RDI presents up-to-the-minute news from across Canada and around the world. RDI also delivers documentary series. Don't miss out on your chance to catch IMAX films on Grands reportages, Fridays at 8 p.m. and Saturdays at 9:30 p.m. These superb documentaries originally made for IMAX's giant screens are sure to take your breath away!

    Visit the ICI RDI website
  • MOI&cie also available in HD

    MOI&cie is a specialty channel for women featuring lifestyle programming as well as popular movies, dramas, documentaries and reality shows. It addresses topics of interest to women such as health, well-being, sexuality and beauty.

    Visit the MOI&cie website
  • MUSIMAX also available in HD

    Musimax reaches pop music lovers with interviews, clips, documentaries and great events. Thanks to a privileged access to local and foreign backstages, Musimax reveals to you the more human side of the most sought after music celebrities.

    Visit the MUSIMAX website
  • MusiquePlus also available in HD

    For Quebec’s young adults, MusiquePlus is the ultimate reference for musical trends in every genre. With intense programming that includes premieres and unique events, it’s the ideal combination of bold TV and cutting-edge music.

    Visit the MusiquePlus website
  • PRISE2 also available in HD

    Prise 2 is for those who want to relive the best TV moments and watch the shows, stars and films that left a lasting impression on them.

    Visit the PRISE2 website
  • RDS INFO also available in HD

    The Réseau Info-Sports is the specialized French-language service entirely dedicated to sports news broadcasting . Combining RDS's credibility and's quick response time, Info-Sports delivers up to the minute sports news, every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Visit the RDS INFO website
  • RDS2 also available in HD

    RDS2 provides increased visibility to existing programming already popular with RDS viewers, as well as prestigious international competitions, niche sports, documentaries, feature reports and sports-related films.

    Visit the RDS2 website
  • Séries + also available in HD

    To experience riveting plots, Séries+ offers a wide choice of popular Canadian and American series, as well as exclusive foreign series. Thanks to these quality productions, fiction aficionados will witness harrowing investigations, breathtaking action, and amazing love stories! Québec's fiction channel will take you worlds away from your daily routine!

    Visit the Séries + website
  • -

    Entertaining French and English-language TV dedicated entirely to cartoons and films. Fun guaranteed, whatever your age.

    Visit the TELETOON website
  • TELETOON RETRO also available in HD

    TELETOON Retro presents classic cartoons all day, everyday. A nostalgic throwback to favourites of the past, TELETOON Retro features timeless cartoons like Bugs Bunny, The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo and The Smurfs!

    Visit the TELETOON RETRO website
  • TFO also available in HD

    Entertaining, educational children's programming from 6:00 am to 6:30 pm, plus classic films, shows about new music, and nights at the opera make TFO a bold, unique French-language station.

    Visit the TFO website
  • TVA Sports also available in HD

    As the official French broadcaster of the NHL, TVA Sports presents exclusive broadcasts of hundreds of NHL matches, including the Saturday night Montreal Canadians games, the Stanley Cup playoffs and finals. TVA Sports also broadcasts QMJHL matches, NFL football, MLB baseball, soccer from the Montreal Impact, Champions League and Europa League, tennis from the ATP, WTA, Davis Cup and Fed Cup, boxing from Interbox and Gym, racing with the IndyCar Serie, and much more.

    Visit the TVA Sports website
  • TVA Sports 2 also available in HD

    TVA Sports 2 is the perfect addition to TVA Sports, with even more action to choose from. TVA Sports 2 offers a rich and diversified selection of sports events, including more NHL and MLB games, more Champions League soccer, and more ATP and WTA tennis! It also offers made-to-measure sports entertainment for fans of combat and extreme sports, including the Red Bull Signature Series.

    Visit the TVA Sports 2 website
  • VRAK TV also available in HD

    VRAK is the #1 speciality channel for youth! It’s a unique and interactive universe that focuses on local productions and foreign fictions.

    Visit the VRAK TV website
  • YOOPA also available in HD

    Yoopa is the only Quebec French-language channel exclusively dedicated to children aged two to nine. Yoopa takes children on educational adventures where learning and fun go hand-in-hand! Commercial-free.

    Visit the YOOPA website
  • Z TÉLÉ also available in HD

    Z will appeal to a daring public looking for different, bold and cutting edge local content. With its programming, Z will take you to provocative universes filled with humour, mystery, action and excitement.

    Visit the Z TÉLÉ website
  • ZESTE also available in HD

    Zeste offers a varied slate of programs, encompassing cooking for everyday, cooking competition shows as well as gastronomical adventure and discovery. Its enticing program line-up is enriched by renowned local and international chefs.

    Visit the ZESTE website

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