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High Speed Internet Packages

Express 5

Up to 5 Mbps

Do you like sending emails to your friends and surfing the Internet? Do you sometimes pay bills online? The High Speed Internet Express 5 Package is made for you!

  • songs in MP3 format 6000 MP3
  • Standard movies 30 Standard movies
  • HD movies 12 HD movies

Express 10

Up to 10 Mbps

Sending emails, using popular networking sites and downloading small files are some of your favourite online activities? Find out more about our High Speed Internet Express 10 Package.

  • songs in MP3 format 13000 MP3
  • Standard movies 65 Standard movies
  • HD movies 26 HD movies

Turbo 14

Up to 14 Mbps

Do you have several computers in your home? Do you like downloading videos and music? Choose our High Speed Internet Turbo 14 package which includes a free complete suite of security services.

  • songs in MP3 format 18000 MP3
  • Standard movies 90 Standard movies
  • HD movies 36 HD movies

Turbo 20

Up to 20 Mbps

Downloading movies, videos or online games are part of your daily life? Other family members use the Internet? Subscribe to High Speed Internet Turbo 20!

  • songs in MP3 format 25000 MP3
  • Standard movies 125 Standard movies
  • HD movies 50 HD movies

Ultimate 55

Up to 55 Mbps

Passionate about movies, games and music? Choose the High Speed Internet Ultimate 55 package for a unique entertainment experience!

  • songs in MP3 format 45000 MP3
  • Standard movies 225 Standard movies
  • HD movies 90 HD movies

Ultimate 120

Up to 120 Mbps

Need even more speed and capacity? With an incomparable download and GB, you can live the ultimate Internet experience!

  • songs in MP3 format 80000 MP3
  • Standard movies 400 Standard movies
  • HD movies 160 HD movies

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