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Compare High Speed Internet Packages - Express 6 with Express 15


Download speed up to 

Download speed : This is the speed at which programs or data from a website or another computer downloads to your computer

6 Mbps 15 Mbps
Upload speed up to 

Upload speed: This is the speed at which programs or data from your computer downloads to a server or another computer

2 Mbps 2 Mbps
Usage allowance Download and Upload transfer capacity 

Usage allowance Download and Upload transfer capacity: This is the quantity of information transmitted from your computer to the internet or vice versa. It is expressed in gigabytes (GB) and is calculated monthly in your internet package.

30 GB 70 GB
Usage Overage charge per extra GB 

Usage Overage charge per extra GB: If you exceed the download limit described in your package, usage fees will apply according to GB level. This is the maximum amount that you will be billed for usage. It corresponds to the passed limit of permitted downloading.

$1.50 $1.50
Maximum Usage Overage charge  $30.00 $30.00

Package speeds and monthly transfer capacities


Email addresses 

Email addresses: A name that identifies an electronic mailbox where e-mail can be sent or received. The email address usually has the format, where «login» is the user name, « cgocable » is the remote server name where your emails are stored and «.ca» is a code identifying the domain and can also often identify the country such as the case with .ca which is Canada’s top level domain.

5 5
E-mail storage space per address 1 GB 1 GB
Sending E-mail attachments storage space per address 20 Mb 20 Mb
Access to Cogeco Webmail Yes Yes


Full suite of Security Services

Full suite of Security Services: Thanks to a partnership with F-Secure, Cogeco offers you a full range of security services. To learn more, visit our page dedicated to the topic

$2.00 $2.00
Personal Web space storage per address

Personal Web space storage per address: Storage space included per Internet package in order to create a personal website to share content with other internet users. Once set up your personal website address would be where «login» is the user name.

None None
IP Address

IP Address: Identification address assigned permanently or temporarily to Cogeco customers for each device connected to the network. An IP Address can also be known as an Internet address.

1 1
Compare all of our packages

All of our packages include:

  • Professional Installation
  • All of our packages include regular modem rental (with the exception of Ultra 250 packages which include the AC Wi-Fi Modem at no extra cost).
  • Access to a full range of security services
  • Access to Cogeco Webmail from any Internet access
  • More than 350 Wi-Fi access points
  • Technical support, 24/7

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