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Why do I see little squares on my screen?

Why do I see little squares on my screen?

These pixels occur when there is a problem with the digital signal.

Make sure all your connections are secure and then check the following:

  • Make sure all electrical cords are firmly connected to plugs.
  • Make sure AC outlets are in proper working order.
  • Make sure the TV is in good working order and the input device is correctly selected.
  • Make sure vacuum cleaners or other motorized devices are not connected to same power outlet.

Ensure your equipment is connected in the following order:

  • Cable outlet to
  • Digital cable receiver to
  • VCR/DVD/Game System to
  • Television

If the cable line has been damaged, this can also cause a signal issue.

If the connections have been checked and you are still experiencing pixelization, you may require a service call. Please contact us for technical support.

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