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What do I do if my picture is snowy?

What do I do if my picture is snowy?

A snowy picture is usually the result of a poor signal.

If this is occurring on all of your TVs, it is likely a problem with the outside lines and will need to be repaired by a technician.

If this is occurring on one (1) TV:

  • Ensure the TV is tuned to the correct channel (3 or 4).
  • Make sure that all of the cable connections from your wall outlet to you TV are secure-including any components in between. Bypassing some components and checking if the signal improves can also help identify the cause.

Correct configuration:

Cable outlet to  ->  Digital cable receiver to  ->  VCR/DVD/Game System to  ->  Television

Also, make sure you are actually controlling the cable receiver by pressing the cable button (CBL) on the remote.

Keep in mind that on a large TV, an analog channel might not look as clear as it would on a smaller TV.

Please contact us for further troubleshooting.

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