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How do I choose a secure password?

How do I choose a secure password?

There are many great ways to create and keep your passwords secure:

1.         Change your password regularly

Some people never change their passwords. While it may not be practical to change your password every month, making a habit of changing your login passwords two or three times per year would help keep your accounts and personal information secure.

2.         Use a secret system to create unique but easily remembered passwords

All your passwords can start with a magic word and number (for example, your cat’s name and your nephew’s age: Mittens8). Then, add something to represent the specific service (for example, the first four letters of the service: Mittens8MyAc for My Account). As you can see, using a secret system can increase your security without making passwords impossible to remember.

Making a habit of changing your secret system and passwords every four or six months will give you a new kind of peace of mind, in a time when passwords are as powerful as signatures.

3.         Change your password when you think your account might have been compromised

If you think your account might have been compromised, change your password and communicate with the concerned company to share your suspicion. Losing control of your online services is no different from losing your credit card. It is essential to act quickly!

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