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Wi-Fi Hotspots FAQ

What is the Cogeco Wi-Fi network?

The Cogeco Wi-Fi network is a service which allows you to go online and to use Web based applications wherever there are Cogeco Wi-Fi access points.

Simply look for “Cogeco Wi-Fi” on your mobile device’s list of available networks. Mobile devices automatically display, and regularly update, the list of available networks around them. If “Cogeco Wi-Fi” is not on the list of available networks, the service may be temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.

Is the Cogeco Wi-Fi service free?

If you are a Cogeco Residential or Business High Speed Internet customer: Yes, the service is free and unlimited.

If you are not a Cogeco High Speed Internet customer: The service is free for 60 minutes. After your session terminates, you will need to reconnect to the network. This offer may evolve over time.

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