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DVR Information FAQ

What happens to my Digital Video Recorder (DVR) recordings when the disc is full?

Once the hard drive is full, the oldest recording set to “Save Until Space Is Needed” will be deleted automatically. If all recordings are set to “Save Until I Delete,” the new scheduled recording will be cancelled. Because of this, it is best to periodically check your hard drive and upcoming recordings to manage your space.

You will receive a warning message. Your DVR will then proceed with the prearranged settings for your individual recordings.

When setting each recording (and series recording), there is a field called Save Until, where you can choose “Space Is Needed” or “I Delete.”

Approximate recording capacity:

  • Standard Definition– Recording capacity is up to 300 hours (depending on the DVR model).
  • High-definition(HDTV) – Recording capacity is up to 60 hours (depending on the DVR model).

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