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Can I transfer a PVR or DVR recorded program to a VHS tape or DVD recorder?

If you connect the HD/DVR or PVR receiver to your VCR, you can play your DVR or PVR-recorded program on your TV and tape it using your VCR, just as you would tape a live broadcast.

Note: When you copy recordings to a VCR or DVD recorder, make sure that the recording is displayed on the TV screen for the entire time the recording is being copied. Do not change channels or display guide screens during the copying process, or your tape copy will contain these images and you may not have a complete copy of the recording.

To copy recordings to a VCR or DVD recorder, please follow the steps below:

•Step 1: Connect the RCA connection on the back of the receiver to “Video In” on your VCR or DVD recorder

•Step 2: Put a tape in your VCR or a writable DVD in your DVD recorder

•Step 3: Access your list of recorded program

•Step 4: Highlight a program from your list and press OK/SELECT or INFO to select the recorded program you want transferred

•Step 5: From the information screen, select to restart from the beginning

•Step 6: Start recording on the VCR or DVD recorder when playback begins.

As the recording plays, it is copied to your VCR or DVD recorder.

Important: Refer to your VCR or DVD recorder user manual for specific instructions. Cogeco is not responsible for customer activities that may involve copyright implications.

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