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Can I watch a show I recorded earlier while I record another show?

With the dual-tuner receivers (DCT6412, DCT6416 and RNG200N) you can even watch a previously recorded program while recording two others.

Recording Two Programs at Once

The Dual Tuner DVR allows you to set recordings for two different programs that air at the same time. While recording two programs, you can watch and control either program, in the way that you would live TV, by using the SWAP button on your remote. There are several ways to record two programs at once. Here are two basic examples:

While watching a program currently being shown, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Press RECORD to record the program you are watching

Step 2: Press SWAP to switch to the other tuner and find the second program you would like to record

Step 3: Press RECORD when you locate the second program you would like to record.

From the Guide, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Highlight a program you want to record from any listings screen

Step 2: Press RECORD to set up the first recording

Step 3: Highlight the second program

Step 4: Press RECORD to set up the second recording.

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