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How can I watch an analog channel while recording another analog channel?

Note: You will not be able to record a Digital TV channel with the following configuration. Any equipment referred to in these instructions is available through your local electronics store.


Step 1: Connect the wall cable to the splitter's input.

Step 2: Connect a Cogeco coaxial cable from one of the splitter OUT heads to the digital receiver IN.

Step 3: Connect a Cogeco coaxial cable from the digital receiver OUT to the TV IN.

Step 4: Connect a Cogeco coaxial cable from the splitter's second OUT head to the VCR IN.

Step 5: Using an RCA cable, connect the VCR's audio and video OUT to your TV audio and video IN.

Note: In this configuration you cannot record a digital cable channel. Use the TV to select between CABLEIN to watch digital cable channels, and VIDEOIN to watch VCR programs or analog cable channels.

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