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What will happen to my recorded shows when my Digital Video Recorder (DVR) hard disc is full?

The Interactive Guide will advise you with an on-screen notice when the available DVR memory becomes full. The first warning message will appear when your device memory is 80% full. The notice will read 'You only have 20% of your total recording space'. If your device memory becomes full during a recording, the recording will stop. Make sure you have enough memory to record an entire selected program before you begin so as to avoid missing part of the program.

Recording capacities vary between HD DVR models. It may vary from 20 to 100 hours for HD TV (depending upon the type of show and the resolution), and 100 to 350 hours for regular TV.

In the "Recordings" section of the menu, it is also possible to assign an order of priority to recordings so as to ensure that they are still made in the event of scheduling conflicts or lack of space. The highest priority will prevail, whether recording a show from a series or a one-time broadcast.

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