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Why does it say “One Moment Please” followed by an error code that begins with an “S” on some of my channels but the channel doesn't come in?

If you see a “One Moment Please” error on some channels that provides a reference code starting with S, it means the receiver was unable to tune to the particular channel(s).  If you are also experiencing poor service on your analog channels, this could be related to a signal issue.

You should:

  1. Check the connection to the digital receiver and make sure it is firmly secure.
  2. Bypass any splitters or other equipment between the wall outlet and our TV.
  3. Check if the cable line has been damaged.

You can also try resetting your receiver by unplugging the power for 30 seconds (keep in mind that the menu/guide will need to be downloaded again).

If the “One Moment Please” errors continue, please contact us, as a service call may be required.

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