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Television Service


Cogeco offers a multitude of channels to meet all your entertainment needs. You can also personalize your plan by choosing your favourite channels one by one with our Selectif package!

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Standard, High Definition or Personal Video Recorder (PVR): All of our receivers offer a 100% digital picture. Best of all, they are easy to install and require no dish or antenna.

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Enjoy commercial-free, informative and entertaining content that focuses on your community.

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Cogeco Sur Demande

On your TV, press the On Demand/VOD button of your remote. On your computer, watch a selection of content online. We have what you want when and where you want it!

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Cogeco Remote Recorder

Set your recordings from anywhere, on any computer or on your iPad.

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List of Channels and TV Guide

Find out what is on in advance thanks to the TV Guide! You can also see all the channels offered by Cogeco.

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