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HD Selectif 15, 20 or 30

HD Selectif 15, 20 or 30

The Selectif Package allows you to customize your existing package by adding 15, 20 or 30 specialty channels of your choice to all the benefits that already come with Digital Basic.

Now you can change your channels online every month, thanks to the Channel Selector.

The Selectif Package also gives you access to Cogeco Sur Demande.

TVA Sports is offered in the Selectif 15, 20 and 30 packages at no additional fee on the
Selectif package until October 31st 2014. After the promotional period, a premium of $1 will be added to
the monthly fee
of the Selectif 15, 20 or 30 packages when TVA Sports is selected.

15 channels

Customize your package by adding 15 specialized channels of your choice

20 channels

Customize your package by adding 20 specialized channels of your choice

30 channels

Customize your package by adding 30 specialized channels of your choice

Included in this package

Channels may vary per region

Digital Basic Channels


  • A&E also available in HD

    Biographies, documentaries, American justice, the unexplained and literature.

    Visit the A&E website
  • -

    Action knows pulse racing action. With the most thrilling combination of high-energy hit movies and high-stakes series, Action provides non-stop access to explosive programming.

    Visit the ACTION website
  • addikTV also available in HD

    Broadcasts entertainment series and pure fiction to fans of thriller, mystery, crime dramas and suspense genres. If you enjoy critically acclaimed series with a certain twist, addikTV is for you!

    Visit the addikTV website
  • -

    Incredible creatures both wild and domesticated, and their relationships with humans, are what make Animal Planet an enthralling and entertaining place to visit day after day. This is a real animal lover's paradise, putting everything from dogs and cats to lions and lemurs on a pedestal and giving them the recognition and respect they so richly deserve.

    Visit the ANIMAL PLANET website
  • -

    This channel is dedicated to economy, business world, and personal finance. Informations about stock markets, investments and daily business news.

    Visit the ARGENT website
  • -

    In partnership with the world renowned BBC, BBC Canada offers access to never before seen programs in Canada like the hugely popular Top Gear and The Jonathan Ross Show.

    Visit the BBC CANADA website
  • -

    The first-ever BBC-branded children’s channel, BBC Kids offers an impressive lineup of unique, high-quality programming for pre-school, school-aged and teen audiences.

    Visit the BBC KIDS website
  • -

    bravo Canada is widely recognized for its innovative and award-winning programming. bravo Canada features the best of documentary programs, studio and international film, and theatre, dance, and music presentations.

    Visit the bravo website
  • CANAL D also available in HD

    With its ever-popular documentary series, Canal D allows you to experience extraordinary, true stories. There's something for everybody thanks to such diverse topics as forensics, the animal kingdom, the environment, science and engineering, as well as major social issues. The documentary channel's Docu-D features the unique point of view of outspoken filmmakers. Arthouse documentaries—many of them award-winning—deal with sensitive subject matter.

    Visit the CANAL D website
  • CANAL VIE also available in HD

    Québec women have relied on Canal Vie for over the past 15 years! A variety of everyday topics are featured—renovating and decorating, style and art of living, beauty and fashion, cooking, family life and relationships—and discussed in a lively and innovative manner. Its numerous TV magazines produced locally, as well as its documentaries and docudramas, deal as much with individual privacy as social issues. Canal Vie presents shows that please viewers, and engaging and inspiring hosts! The channel reflects Québec women and their families.

    Visit the CANAL VIE website
  • CASA also available in HD

    Carries a variety of home and garden improvement, maintenance, renovation, craft and remodelling shows.

    Visit the CASA website
  • -

    Cinépop is Canada's first French-language television channel dedicated to broadcasting timeless Canadian and international film classics. Cinépop offers a retro-hip viewing experience with a mix of classics and box office hits for people who love discovering and rediscovering movies and the biggest stars from every era. Cinépop is also offering Cinépop Sur Demande, a subscription video on demand service (SVOD) and Cinépop HD, a high-definition movie channel.

    Visit the CINEPOP website
  • -

    CMT Canada offers a family-friendly line-up of music, comedy and real-life reality shows. Featuring country superstars, blockbuster movies, and entertaining shows like Rules of Engagement, My Big Redneck Vacation and Burger Wars, viewers feel right at home with CMT’s feel-good programming.

    Visit the CMT website
  • -

    Comedy Gold pays tribute to timeless sitcoms of the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s. On Comedy Gold, classic laughs are new again – a home on the dial for enduring TV satisfaction. Comedy Gold is the sister station of The Comedy Network, Canada’s first specialty comedy service

    Visit the Comedy Gold website
  • -

    Comedy shows. Sitcoms. 100% funny.

    Visit the COMEDY NETWORK website
  • -

    Specialty channel which presents a wide variety of news from Canada and from around the world as well as debates on current topics, 24 hours a day.

    Visit the CTV NEWS CHANNEL website
  • -

    DejaView is Canada’s destination for TV’s ultimate classics from the ‘70s and ‘80s.

    Visit the DEJA VIEW website
  • -

    The world is just awesome! With compelling real-life programming that inspires and entertains, Discovery Channel reveals the world in all its wonder, diversity and amazement.

    Visit the DISCOVERY CHANNEL website
  • -

    If it's a ground-breaking idea, it's on Discovery Science! From the science of survival in extreme environments and inventions that make our urban habitat more liveable, to the building blocks of life itself, Discovery Science is where cool and curiosity meet.

    Visit the Discovery Science website
  • Disney Junior also available in HD

    Committed to offering the best in engaging and development-based programming for younger children, Disney Junior showcases series with a focus on imaginative storytelling.

    Visit the Disney Junior website
  • -

    A channel offering the best documentaries from Canada and around the world. Programming includes Academy Award winners and cutting-edge independent films, as well as classics from the CBC and NFB libraries.

    Visit the DOCUMENTARY website
  • -

    Canada’s newest lifestyle channel – diverges off the beaten path with eye-opening programming that reveals the drama, entertainment and ideas behind the everyday and the extraordinary.

    Visit the DTOUR website
  • -

    Celebrities, Gossips and Celeb news.

    Visit the E! Online website
  • -

    ESPN Classic broadcasts a range of archive sports coverage, talk shows, documentaries and films.

    Visit the ESPN CLASSIC website
  • -

    Launched in 1993, Euronews today is a multi-lingual (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic), multi-platform news service.

    Visit the EURONEWS website
  • EVASION also available in HD

    Évasion is a specialty channel devoted to travel, tourism and adventure that delivers entertaining programs. It is THE network that allows audiences to truly escape, featuring an array of impassioned explorers and adventurers.

    Visit the EVASION website
  • -

    Dedicated to celebrating family life and providing a fun experience for all, Family airs a unique mix of series, movies and specials, with a large portion of programming supplied by Disney.

    Visit the FAMILY website
  • -

    Food Network Canada is the place to have the most fun food experiences.

    Visit the FOOD NETWORK website
  • -

    Game Show Network is one of the fastest growing cable networks and the first and only one dedicated exclusively to the game show genre. Watch such favorites as - Let's Make A Deal, Family Feud, Match Game, Wheel of Fortune, The Dating Game, The Newlywed Show, The Gong Show and much, much more.

    Visit the GSN website
  • -

    From the people at HISTORY™, H2 offers a broader view of history across science, technology and pop culture from around the globe. It’s more to explore, more to know, more to understand – More 2 History.

    Visit the H2 website
  • HGTV also available in HD

    HGTV is the hottest address for the most compelling and entertaining stories about the connections people have with the places they call home.

    Visit the HGTV website
  • HISTORIA also available in HD

    A unique channel devoted to Québec and world history, Historia leads a lively foray into the past through a resolutely modern perspective. With enthralling documentaries, award-winning series, films steeped in history, and original Québec productions, Historia promises a fascinating voyage through time!

    Visit the HISTORIA website
  • -

    HISTORY™ captivates audiences with entertaining programs that bring to life authentic people, events and stories from yesterday and today; it is history in the making. .

    Visit the History website
  • ICI ARTV also available in HD

    ARTV is Canada’s only French-language arts and entertainment specialty channel. ARTV airs performances, documentaries, movies, magazines, fiction series, and talk shows featuring a wide range of artists… making it show time, all the time!

    Visit the ICI ARTV website
  • ICI Explora also available in HD

    ICI EXPLORA - your passport to the fascinating worlds of health, the environment, nature and science. With its captivating series and eye-opening documentaries, ICI EXPLORA proves you can never be too curious.

    Visit the ICI Explora website
  • -

    Get exclusive behind the scene access to the movie industry with critically acclaimed award winners, cult hits and cutting edge indies – all uncut and uncensored.

    Visit the IFC website
  • INVESTIGATION HD also available in HD

    INVESTIGATION provides a captivating look at the gripping twists and turns of real criminal investigations and reveals the worst aspects of human nature.

    Visit the INVESTIGATION HD website
  • -

    Lifetime is the most watched digital channel by women in Canada. With a schedule full of critically-acclaimed scripted series and exclusive hit reality shows and movies, the channel features top Hollywood stars and captivating real-life personalities.

    Visit the Lifetime website
  • -

    M3 entertains and engages its audience with drama, comedy, reality, feature films and premium. The new home of Pretty Little Liars, Ravenswood, Reign and America’s Next Top Model.

    Visit the M3 website
  • MOI&cie also available in HD

    MOI&cie is a specialty channel for women featuring lifestyle programming as well as popular movies, dramas, documentaries and reality shows. It addresses topics of interest to women such as health, well-being, sexuality and beauty.

    Visit the MOI&cie website
  • -

    MovieTime is the ultimate destination for big-ticket movies seven days a week. With over 250 movie titles each month and back to back movies on the weekend, MovieTime offers movie lovers unparalleled access to an extensive collection of favourite hits.

    Visit the MOVIETIME website
  • -

    NBC and Microsoft together - for news and information that are in tune with the way we live 24/7. Viewers will tune in for news with attitude. MSNBC will be a new voice for domestic and international news in Canada.

    Visit the MSNBC website
  • -

    Bold, dynamic and interactive, MTV offers innovative lifestyle, talk and documentary programming. MTV in Canada reflects a uniquely Canadian culture and personality through a mixture of locally produced and globally-shared programming.

    Visit the MTV website
  • -

    This brand new extraordinary channel is the ultimate destination for youth. Promising a full roster of unabashed, unpredictable, and unruly programming, MTV2 is MTV unleashed! MTV2’s fierce bite extends beyond television with a multi-platform experience that includes; both platforms are bursting with exclusive programming, never before seen in Canada.

    Visit the MTV2 website
  • -

    24 hours a day, seven days a week videos as well as music, art and concert news, interviews from artists from around the world, event television as well as shows and breaking news on the worlds of entertainment, fashion, cinema and popular culture.

    Visit the MuchMusic website
  • MUSIMAX also available in HD

    Musimax reaches pop music lovers with interviews, clips, documentaries and great events. Thanks to a privileged access to local and foreign backstages, MusiMax reveals to you the more human side of the most sought after music celebrities.

    Visit the MUSIMAX website
  • -

    Mystery TV is home to television’s hit suspense and crime dramas. Challenging true crime and drama lovers to solve a new mystery every hour.

    Visit the Mystery TV website
  • National Geographic Channel also available in HD

    National Geographic Channel is Canada's only 24-hour source of entertaining information about the exotic, natural world we live in. Exclusive programming such as Megacities and Inside the Mafia expose viewers to the world's leading adventurers, explorers, scientists, environmentalists, filmmakers and renowned photographers.

    Visit the National Geographic Channel website
  • -

    The NHL Network will fuel the passions of hockey-mad viewers, arena-surfing every night of the season to bring viewers live action, highlights, analysis, and insider reports from every game in the NHL that night.

    Visit the NHL NETWORK website
  • -

    Nickelodeon Canada is the place for kids to kick back, relax and laugh! This powerhouse channel features animated and live-action favourites, exclusive shows, classic Nickelodeon hits and special live events, like the Kids’ Choice Awards. Nick is the ultimate destination for kid-friendly fun!

    Visit the NICKELODEON website
  • -

    Outdoor Life Network is where outdoor adventure never ends. You will learn everything you need to know about camping, outdoor sports or the thrills of extreme sports.

    Visit the OUTDOOR LIFE NETWORK website
  • -

    The Oprah Winfrey Network is the network that encourages you to live your best life. OWN presents real life stories and moments of transformation that are both inspiring and entertaining. On OWN, it's not about what's next on TV, it's about what's next for you.

    Visit the OWN website
  • PLANETE+ also available in HD

    Setting the standard for documentary networks. Planete+ has the most complete program offer with its incredibly diverse range of documentaries, reports and magazines covering topics that include history, investigation, civilizations, animals, exploits, adventures, land and sea travel, crime, enquiries and trials. It is also one of the few commercial-free networks.

    Visit the PLANETE+ website
  • PRISE2 also available in HD

    Is a French-language channel for viewers who want to reconnect with TV’s favorites and films classics that have made a big impact on them.

    Visit the PRISE2 website
  • RDS INFO also available in HD

    The Réseau Info-Sports is the specialized French-language service entirely dedicated to sports news broadcasting . Combining RDS's credibility and's quick response time, Info-Sports delivers up to the minute sports news, every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Visit the RDS INFO website
  • RDS2 also available in HD

    RDS2 provides increased visibility to existing programming already popular with RDS viewers, as well as prestigious international competitions, niche sports, documentaries, feature reports and sports-related films.

    Visit the RDS2 website
  • -

    Follow French, European and African actuality with this radio channel offered in digital directly on your TV. RFI Radio station broadcasts cultural, sports, economics, scientific and French langage quality related programming.

    Visit the RFI website
  • -

    Follow French, European and African actuality with this radio channel offered in digital directly on your TV. RFI Radio station broadcasts cultural, sports, economics, scientific and French langage quality related programming.

    Visit the RFI2 website
  • Séries + also available in HD

    To experience riveting plots, Séries+ offers a wide choice of popular Canadian and American series, as well as exclusive foreign series. Thanks to these quality productions, fiction aficionados will witness harrowing investigations, breathtaking action, and amazing love stories! Québec's fiction channel will take you worlds away from your daily routine!

    Visit the Séries + website
  • SHOWCASE also available in HD

    Showcase offers the best collection of top-rated network dramas, hit blockbuster movies and the best exclusive cable programs not found anywhere else in Canada, including Defiance, Copper, Continuum and Lost Girl.

    Visit the SHOWCASE website
  • -

    Slice is the go-to destination for the ultimate entertainment fix. With the hottest reality & lifestyle shows and hit movies, Slice has something for everyone!

    Visit the SLICE website
  • -

    Documentaries, movies and programs that teach you everything you need to know about space and science, fiction and fact.

    Visit the SPACE website
  • -

    As a public service station, SPM1 foremost mission is to broadcast programs from major French-language national channels, enriched by local and regional productions.

    Visit the SPM1 website
  • SPORTSNET also available in HD

    Figure skating, hockey, golf, baseball and everything else for the sports fanatic.

    Visit the SPORTSNET website
  • Sportsnet 360 also available in HD

    Sportsnet 360 is the newest addition to Sportsnet’s channel lineup, which includes Sportsnet (Ontario, East, West, Pacific), Sportsnet ONE and Sportsnet World. A 360° offering of the most diverse breadth of sports - breaking news, highlights, scores, stats, analysis, and opinion - delivered in a fast-paced and energetic way. Plus a diverse live events programming offering.

    Visit the Sportsnet 360 website
  • -

    Sundance Channel is for independent thinkers who want to experience an alternative to mainstream cinema and television. Authentic, credible and entertaining, Sundance Channel offers a selection of diverse and engaging films, documentaries and original programs that provide audiences with new and different ways to see and experience the world.

    Visit the SUNDANCE website
  • TELETOON also available in HD

    Entertaining French and English-language TV dedicated entirely to cartoons and films. Fun guaranteed, whatever your age.

    Visit the TELETOON website
  • -

    TELETOON - WEST: Teletoon Affiliate - Pacific. Free with any digital select package.

    Visit the TELETOON - ANGLAIS website
  • TELETOON RETRO also available in HD

    TELETOON Retro presents classic cartoons all day, everyday. A nostalgic throwback to favourites of the past, TELETOON Retro features timeless cartoons like Bugs Bunny, The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo and The Smurfs!

    Visit the TELETOON RETRO website
  • TFO also available in HD

    Entertaining, educational children's programming from 6:00 am to 6:30 pm, plus classic films, shows about new music, and nights at the opera make TFO a bold, unique French-language station.

    Visit the TFO website
  • -

    The most powerful brand on cable is now a digital channel in Canada, 24 hours a day. The Biography Channel will feature a fascinating mix of biographies, documentaries and movies. Viewers will meet captivating people from Canada, the United States and around the world.

    Visit the THE BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL website
  • TMN - Encore also available in HD

    Classic movie favourites

    Visit the TMN - Encore website
  • -

    Travel+Escape is the home of top rated travel themed television programs with entertaining hosts, compelling stories and exotic locations. 

    Visit the Travel + Escape website
  • -

    Treehouse is a place where imagination rules, playtime never ends and preschoolers can find whimsical programming that encourages them to try something new and exciting every day. From Bubble Guppies to Max & Ruby and Mike the Knight, Treehouse is home to the best variety of preschool shows.

    Visit the Treehouse website
  • TSN also available in HD

    TSN is your source for sports featuring live events, news, interviews and daily sport desk updates. TSN offers live as well as pre-recorded events.

    Visit the TSN website
  • TSN2 also available in HD

    TSN2 brings Canadian sports fans a jam-packed lineup of major league action, with hundreds of exclusive live events each year. TSN2's powerful live sports roster includes NHL, NBA, curling, international hockey, golf, NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, NASCAR Nationwide Series, IndyCar Series, Grand Slam Tennis, boxing, and NCAA football and basketball.

    Visit the TSN2 website
  • TVA Sports also available in HD

    Be part of the team! TVA Sports shows you sports like you've never seen them before! The hosts make up an outstanding team of commentators and analysts who take you through high-profile sporting events, informative newscasts and hard-hitting.

    Visit the TVA Sports website
  • -

    An array of programs about faiths and beliefs from around the world.

    Visit the VISION TV website
  • VRAK TV also available in HD

    Focused on fun, VRAK.TV is the #1 specialty channel for youth! In sync and always aware of their latest crazes and dreams, VRAK.TV offers youth local productions, sitcoms, and foreign fictions, as well as animated series. VRAK.TV—it's original entertainment and a hot website. It's also interactive and representative—a voice for youth!

    Visit the VRAK TV website
  • -

    W Movies offers a guide to the movies that you want to see, with themed movie stunt events featuring Hollywood’s hottest stars. There will always be a movie waiting for you

    Visit the W MOVIES website
  • -

    The leading specialty network for women, delivering entertaining programming from movies and world-class drama to informational programming covering topics from sex to home decorating.

    Visit the W NETWORK website
  • -

    Wild TV is the only channel that provides high-quality outdoor programming from Canada and around the world all day, every day. Wild TV serves up the best in hunting and fishing shows to lovers of the great outdoors.

    Visit the WILD TV website
  • YOOPA also available in HD

    YOOPA, the only French-language specialty channel exclusively for preschoolers,features programs that take kids on rewarding and educational adventures that mixfun with learning.

    Visit the YOOPA website
  • -

    Cartoons, comedies and programs for children and teens.

    Visit the YTV website
  • Z TÉLÉ also available in HD

    Z will appeal to a daring public looking for different, bold and cutting edge local content. With its programming, Z will take you to provocative universes filled with humour, mystery, action and excitement.

    Visit the Z TÉLÉ website
  • ZESTE also available in HD

    Zeste offers a varied slate of programs, encompassing cooking for everyday, cooking competition shows as well as gastronomical adventure and discovery. Its enticing program line-up is enriched by renowned local and international chefs.

    Visit the ZESTE website

Add to your package

Customize your programming by adding a collection of your favorite channels through our Individual Channel Selection, Theme Packs and Premium Packages.

Individual Channel Selection

Channels may vary per region

Enrich your TV programming by adding Pick Packs!

  • 1 channel: $2.01 /month

Some channels are not available for selection in Pick Packs.

Theme Packs

Channels may vary per region

Theme channel packages to broaden your entertainment possibilities: Movie Fan, Family Fun, Sports Fan, Unwind, Trendy, Top Teen, Explore and more.

Click on the following Theme Packs to unveil the content.


Channels may vary per region

Nine theme packs offering a wider range of entertainment possibilities.

Click on the following Theme Packs to unveil the content.

Premium Channels

Channels may vary per region

Comprised of a variety of channels, from sporting to multicultural, this package also comes with two Premium On Demand channels: Anime Network and WWE 24/7.

Select a receiver

Select the receiver of your choice: Standard, High Definition or the High-Definition Personal Video Recorder (HD/PVR).

High Definition Receiver

for 12 months

A receiver that offers the best in audio and visual quality:

  • Superior image quality
  • Remarkable resolution quality of up to 1080i
  • Improved Dolby Digital 5.1 sound
  • 16:9 panoramic image capture capability.

HD Digital Video Recorder

for 24 months

Our most advanced receiver! Use it to get the most from your viewing.

  • All the benefits of a high definition receiver.
  • Same functions as a DVD player (e.g. pause, fast forward, rewind, etc.) all while watching a live or recorded show.
  • A recording capacity of up to 100 hours for HD TV (depending upon the type of show and the resolution), and up to 350 hours for regular TV.

A set of receivers for all your recordings, everywhere you want them.

  • Watch shows and manage your recordings from any connected room.
  • Watch and record up to six HD TV shows simultaneously.
  • Pause a recorded show in one room and resume watching it in another room.
  • Schedule and manage your recordings from anywhere using the remote recorder.
  • A recording capacity of up to 100 hours for HD TV (depending upon the type of show and the resolution), and up to 350 hours for regular TV.
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