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Cogeco’s Whole Home DVR

Cogeco’s Whole Home DVR

Enjoy the freedom of watching and recording all of your favourite shows from any room in your home without missing a single moment.

  1. Watch and record up to six HD shows simultaneously.

    Each receiver is capable of recording two live programs and playing back a third simultaneously. Imagine having 3 receivers in your home and being able to record as many as six shows at the same time!

  2. Pause a recorded show in one room and
    continue watching it in another room..

    You can pause a recorded show and resume watching from another room simply by selecting the show you were watching from the playlist.

    You can also pause live programming on your TV and resume watching from the same room. It is important to note that if a program is deleted from your playlist on one terminal; it is permanently deleted from all of the terminals in your network.

  3. Program and manage your recordings from anywhere

    Never miss your favourite shows thanks to the Cogeco Remote Recorder.

    You can now manage and program your recordings online or with your iPad and take advantage of all the great recording features you enjoy at home:

    Programming guide up to 14 days in advance
    Programming filter by category: films, kids, sports, HD, etc.
    Show search
    Programming a single recording or a series recording
    Saving settings and series priorities
    Managing, changing and cancelling scheduled recordings

    Learn more

  4. Your Whole Home DVR Network and Connected TVs

    The Whole Home DVR from Cogeco supports up to 3 televisions connected in a network.

    If there are additional televisions in your home, they can either be used independently in your home or regrouped together to create another Whole Home DVR network. You can have as many networks as you want in your home, however your playlist will not be shared between these distinct networks.

    The Whole Home DVR network can store up to 100 hours of HD content or 360 hours of Standard Definition (SD) content.

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Easy to use

You now have your personal video library available at any time.


You may now choose items from your own personal video library at any time.


You can pause live TV and continue watching from the same room or pause a recorded show and continue watching from another room.


Want an instant replay? Just press rewind and you won’t miss a
single moment.

Remote control

Watch what you want when you want. Simply record your favourite programs and watch them at your convenience.


You can watch the show you want and record the others. Just go to your playlist and press play.


Want to skip ahead to your favourite scene? Just press Fast Forward during any of your recorded programs.






Pricing for two TVs

For 2 connected TVs:

$22.00 / month Legal Information

Pricing for three TVs

For 3 connected TVs:

$29.00 / month Legal Information

Installation fees apply.

Subscription Details :

  • The Whole Home DVR equipment is available for rental only.
  • If you currently own or rent Cogeco terminals they are not compatible with this product.
  • You do not necessarily need to register for Cogeco Internet services to subscribe to Whole Home DVR.
  • Call us today and a technician will take care of the installation.
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