How do I block calls from certain numbers? (*60)

The Call Blocking feature adds the last caller to the Call Rejection list so the next time that person calls, an announcement will be played to the caller that they won’t be connected. Anyone who wishes to block callers (like sales calls, etc.) should use this feature.

  • Customers can block up to 30 numbers.
  • Before using *97 to block the last person that called you, Selective Call Rejection must be activated by pressing *60 (included with Call Blocking) and at least one number will have to be added to the rejection list.
  • After pressing *60 the customer will hear a list of commands as stated below:
    • To reject the last calling party press #01#
    • To turn this service On/Off press 3 (If this is the first time activated you will be requested to add at least one number to the rejection list first by pressing # followed by the number)
    • To add an entry press # followed by the number
    • To remove one or more entries press *
    • To remove all list entries press 08
    • To remove all Anonymous entries press 09
    • To review all entries press 1
  • When you press *60 you will hear a message stating if the service is currently on/off but no changes are made to the service unless one of the above commands are selected.

Call Blocking has priority over all other calling features that may be activated for a single number. For example, if you apply Selective Call Rejection and Distinctive Ringing to the same number, the call will be blocked and you will not hear the phone ring.

To use this feature, you must be a subscriber of this feature. For a list of all Cogeco Home Phone features click here.

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