How do I set up an auto-reply (vacation) notifier?

To set up an auto-reply (vacation) notifier:

  • Step 1

    Select Options near the bottom left corner of your screen.

  • Step 2

    Go to Mail, Local Account and Vacation Message.

  • Step 3

    Under Auto-reply to Incoming mail, place a check mark to enable auto-reply.

  • Step 4

    Under Vacation duration, put in the start date and end date of your vacation.

  • Step 5

    Under How often individual senders receive an automated reply, put in a number between 1-300 which represents hours between replies.

  • Step 6

    Under Auto-reply message you will have a subject field, a message to co-workers field and a message to other senders field.

  • Step 7

    Fill in each one accordingly.

The auto-reply option in Webmail, is a good way to notify people sending you mail that you will be away for a specific period of time.

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