How do I set up Cogeco Voice Mail?

Cogeco's Voice Mail service replaces the traditional answering machine. You can access your Voice Mail any time from your phone by dialing 22#.

Here's what you need to do to activate and set up the service:

Using your home phone, dial 22# and enter your default password, which is the last 4 digits of your phone number, followed by the number 2. You'll then have access to the following personalization options:

  • Changing your greeting: Lets you set your Voice Mail greeting.
  • Changing your password: Lets you set your 4-digit PIN for accessing your Voice Mail.
  • Recording your name: Lets you set the name the caller hears when reaching your Voice Mail.

When navigating through your Voice Mail options, you can return to the main menu at any time using the * key.

How to change the number of rings before your Voice Mail picks up:

By default, your calls will be sent to your Voice Mail after 5 rings. To reduce or increase this number, dial 23# and follow the verbal instructions.

Good to know: If you set the number of rings to "0", your Voice Mail will be deactivated. This means if you don't pick up, your phone will ring continuously, without sending calls to your Voice Mail.

Once your Voice Mail is set up, you can check your messages by dialing 22#. Your Voice Mail can hold up to 20 messages total (new and saved combined). The maximum length of a message is 2 minutes.

If your Voice Mail is full, you won't be able to receive any new messages until you delete some manually.

How to delete a message:

  • Even after they've been played, messages aren't deleted automatically. You have to press 7 at the end of the message to delete it from your mailbox.
  • The only time messages are deleted automatically is after 21 days. That is the length of time your saved messages will be stored.
  • For a list of all Cogeco Home Phone features, click here.

* This feature is only available if you are a Voice Mail subscriber.

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