Is there a Customer Installation Checklist?

Installation Checklist

  • Make sure that all your cables are firmly connected to all equipment, including your television and wall outlets.
  • Please refer to your User Guide (Chapter 2) for your specific receiver connection instructions. You will see at the bottom of the step chart that there are TV, receiver and VCR settings for various configurations. Kindly ensure that your equipment reflects those settings. Please also refer to your other equipment manuals for further information.
  • Make sure your remote is in cable mode by pressing the CABLE button (CBL).
  • Make sure there are no obstructions between your digital receiver and your remote control.
  • Make sure your batteries are correctly installed.
  • Make sure any wall switches that control the electrical outlets to all equipment and the television are switched to ON.

If encounter problems during your installation:

  • Re-check your connections
  • Categorize the problem—is the issue related to the picture, sound, channel or equipment?

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Was this helpful?

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