What can I do with my Cogeco Whole Home digital video recorder?

With Cogeco’s Whole Home digital video recorder (DVR), you can set, manage and play back recordings from up to 3 DVRs connected to the network.

Each receiver is capable of recording 2 live streams and playing back a third simultaneously. So, if you have 2 receivers, you can record 4 shows, and if you have 3 receivers you can record 6 shows.

Good to know: If you delete a show from your playlist using any of your receivers, it will be permanently deleted from all your receivers.

How to watch a show you started in another room:

  • Begin by recording the show you’re watching in the first room by pressing the REC button on your remote control.
  • Then, when you get to the room where you want to continue watching the show, locate the show’s name in your playlist and select Play. The program will continue right from where you left off.
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Was this helpful?

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