What do I do if cannot hear a dial tone?

There are several possible causes to this problem. To troubleshoot:

  • Make sure that all of your phones are hung up properly.
  • Check if the lights on your modem are on.
  • If you cannot see any lights:

Check the power supply. The black cable at the back of the modem must be plugged into an electrical outlet. You can also try a different outlet.

  • If all of the modem’s lights are on:

Make sure a telephone wire is plugged into the TEL1 port on the back of the modem and into a phone jack. If you subscribe to two phone lines, make sure that the two telephone wires are properly plugged into their respective phone jacks.

  • If all of the modem’s lights are on and the TEL1 light is flashing:

Place all wireless phones back on their base and check if you hear a dial tone. If not, unplug all of your phones from their wall jacks and test them one at a time. To do this, plug one phone back into the wall jack and check for a dial tone. If there is still no dial tone, unplug this phone and try with another phone.

  • If only  some of the modem’s lights are on:

Try to resynchronize the modem. Use a straightened paper clip to push in the reset or reboot button at the back of the modem. It is in a little black hole. Hold the button for 10 seconds, then wait a few minutes before checking for a dial tone. 

If these solutions do not fix the problem, please contact our technical support team. It might be a network or cable modem outage. If so, Cogeco will take steps to restore the service as quickly as possible.

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Was this helpful?
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