What should I do if I think my bill is incorrect?

Before assuming that your bill is incorrect, consider that there are several factors that could result in charges you weren’t expecting. Ask yourself:

  • Did you order a Pay Per View program or a Cogeco On Demand title?
  • Did you have a product or service added, modified or removed from your account in the middle of your billing period?
  • Has your most recent payment been applied to your account?
  • Were any adjustments made to your account?

Have a look near the bottom of your bill; if you see a One-time Fees and Adjustments section, take a moment to review those debits and/or credits.

You can also log in to My Account to review your products and services, recent payments and more.

If you would like a walk-through of the different sections on your Cogeco bill, click here.

If you still think your bill is incorrect after considering the scenarios above and reviewing your account details, you can chat with a sales representative here.

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Was this helpful?

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