Why can’t I send or receive my email?

What to do if you can’t send emails

If you are currently unable to send emails please choose one of the following options:

For Cogeco email addresses

To resolve this issue, please verify that your outgoing mail server settings match the settings from the following FAQ: How do I set up an email account (POP or IMAP)?

For non Cogeco email addresses

Previously customers were able to use SMTP.cogeco.net to send email using port 25 which is not secure. We recommend that you contact your domain host and ask what you should be using for your outgoing server.

If your host does not offer an outgoing server option, you can create a Cogeco email address (e.g. example@cogeco.net) on My Account. Once you have a Cogeco email address created, you can then use our FAQ to change your outgoing email server settings. If you are unsure of where to make these changes, please contact your email software customer service for additional support.

What to do if you can’t receive emails

There may be several reasons why you are not receiving your emails.

To send and receive emails, the proper server must be identified in your email settings. Please, see the following FAQ: How do I set up an email account (POP or IMAP)?

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Was this helpful?
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