Why is the screen black on some of my channels?

It appears that your Receiver is having a problem displaying the feed for that particular channel/range of channels.

Before performing any additional troubleshooting, ensure that your TV is on the correct input setting. Our Standard Definition Receivers would normally be connected via a Coaxial cable, in which case your television should be set to channel 3.

If you are using a High Definition Receiver, you connect it to your television using the Red, Green and Blue component cables. If this is the case, you need to be on one of your TV’s component channels. If you are hooked up via an HDMI cable, you need to be on one of your TV’s HDMI channels.

Ensure that all the cables connecting to the wall, to your Receiver and to your television are correctly and firmly plugged in.

If after performing these steps your Receiver still displays a black screen on channels, contact our Customer Service team.

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Was this helpful?
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