Will I be charged if a Cogeco technician comes to my home or place of business to resolve an issue?

Whether or not you are charged for a service call by a Cogeco technician depends on different factors.

Specifically, if one of our technicians comes to your home or place of business to help resolve an issue related to Cogeco equipment (which hasn't been tampered with by the customer) or services, we don’t charge you. This includes faulty receivers, issues with wiring we installed and signal problems.

However, you may be charged if the technician finds that the problem is not directly related to Cogeco’s equipment or services. This includes, but is not limited to, tampering with equipment, introducing new coaxial outlets or splitters that were not installed by Cogeco, and customer-owned equipment being faulty or incorrectly configured (i.e. when the source of the issue is a television set to the wrong input, a computer not powering on, etc.).

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