How to access your Managed Wi-Fi portal ?

By accessing your Managed Wi-Fi portal, you can:

  • Change your default Wi-Fi settings to increase security
  • Configure your guest access (content filtering, redirect URL)
  • Monitor your infrastructure and see usage in real time

Here’s how to log in:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your My Account credentials

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Welcome to your Managed Wi-Fi Service - To sign in, enter your My Account username and password

Connecting to the portal (quick setup wizard)

Once you log in, you need to update and review your settings.

Welcome to your Wi-Fi network portal

  1. Update the password and network name for the staff network if it’s activated.

    Step 1: Staff Network

  2. Activate or deactivate your guest Wi-Fi. If you activate your guest Wi-Fi, you can proceed to change your guest Wi-Fi network name.

    Step 2: Gest Network

Important: Once the changes are applied, all devices connected to the network will be disconnected. Each device will have to be reconnected with the new Wi-Fi settings.

Understanding your Managed Wi-Fi dashboard

The dashboard helps you see the status of your Wi-Fi network in real time.

Understanding your Managed Wi-Fi dashboard

  • Sites
    You can see the number of sites and APs that are online.


  • Networks
    You can see if your networks, staff and guest network are enabled, and change their status from the dashboard.


  • Quick links
    In just one click, you can change the staff password, activate and configure your guest network, or open your startup wizard.

    Quick links

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