How to manage your sites with the Managed Wi-Fi portal?

If you have more than one site (location) and many access points (APs), you can monitor your infrastructure closely with Managed Wi-Fi.

  • Real-time analytics per site:
    • Total connected devices: This is the number of connected devices on the staff and guest networks.
    • Total bandwidth used in Kbps: This is the amount of bandwidth used in kbps by devices connected on the staff and guest networks.

    Note that there are a few seconds of lapse with the data.

  • APs and site status: You can see the number of sites and APs that are online.
  • Rename your APs: If you have several APs, you might want to rename them so you know where each one is located. The default name is automatically provided when the APs are installed.

Wi-Fi Sites

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Was this helpful?

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