How to use my EPICO remote’s most useful shortcuts?

Use your EPICO remote to its full potential by using these shortcuts:

  • Remote films buttonThe Films button: use it to access the full catalogue of movies available on demand, either for rent, purchase or from one of your subscribed channels.


  • Remote home menu buttonThe home button: brings up the EPICO menu. Use it to easily return to EPICO, even when you are in another application like Netflix or YouTube.


  • Remote Google assistant buttonThe Google Assistant button: use it for voice searches or commands, including many of the non-TV features available with Google Assistant , such as "add milk to my shopping list".


  • Remote option buttonThe option button: use it to access the filters at the top of the programming guide or when you’re browsing a list of content. From there, you can filter the content according to your subscriptions, the language or ratings for example.


  • Remote CH up and down buttonsThe CH up and down buttons: when browsing in the guide, you can use these buttons to page through the channel listings more quickly.

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Was this helpful?
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