How do I register or change my name in the phone directory?

If you're a Home Phone subscriber, your name and number will be listed automatically in the next edition of the directory. Your name will also appear on the display of the person you're calling. To avoid this, just dial *67 before placing your call.

Good to know: The name listed in the printed directory, in directory assistance (411) and on the displays of the people receiving your calls will be the same as the name on your phone bill. To change this listing*, contact customer service (611).

You can then:

  • Change the family name. Only one last name is accepted, and it must be registered in its complete form. If you have a hyphenated last name (e.g. "Tremblay-Bouchard"), it still counts as a single last name.
  • Change the first name. You have the choice between an initial (e.g. "P"), a single first name (e.g. "Pierre") or a hyphenated name (e.g. "Pierre-Paul").

If you don't want your name and number listed in the directory or appearing on call display, choose the "Unlisted Name and Phone Number" calling feature.

* An additional fee of $29.95 applies.

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