How do I reset my wired Wi-Fi extender?

The following problems could be easily fixed by resetting your Wi-Fi extender:

  • you’re having trouble connecting to your Cogeco services when close to a wired Wi-Fi extender;
  • you’re seeing unusual light patterns on the extender. 

To reset your Cogeco AC Wi-Fi extender:

  1. Insert a straightened paperclip into the reset or reboot hole located on the back of the wired extender.
  2. Press the paperclip in gently for 3 seconds, then release.

The extender will resynchronize with your Cogeco modem, which can take up to 2 minutes.

Hitron HTEMN3 Wi-Fi extender: 

Arris AM525 Wi-Fi extender : 

If your extenders or your Wi-Fi performance does not work properly after a reset, please communicate with the Cogeco customer support

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Was this helpful?
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