How do I record a show or a movie?

epico 4k Cloud PVR

To record a show or a movie, follow these steps:

When browsing in the guide

Choose the event you wish to record in the guide, then press the Record icon on your remote.

  • Press once for a show or an episode.
  • Press twice to record all the episodes of the series.

While a show is playing

  1. Press the Record icon on your remote to start recording the show.
  2. Depending on the show:
    1. If it’s a recurring show, press the Record icon a second time to record all the episodes of the series. Press a third time if you want to cancel the recording.
    2. If it’s not a recurring show, press the Record icon a second time to cancel the recording of the show.

In the details page of a show

  1. Select Record.
  2. If it’s a recurring show, select Only this episode or Entire series.
  3. Choose your preferred options then select Record.

Good to know:

  • You can record:
    • Live content
    • Content that will be aired in the future
  • You can’t record content already hosted on EPICO, such as:
    • On-demand content
    • Catch-up content

Advanced recording options

When you record a new event from its details page, or if you go to your recordings list, you are able to choose from the following advanced recording options:

  • Show type: Choose to record First run only or both First run and rerun.
  • Time (for a series): Choose to record Any day, any time, Any day around a specific time or Any time once per day.
  • Channel & Time (for a specific event): If an event is aired on several channels, choose to record the event on a specific channel at a certain time.
    Good to know: To record episodes of the same show on a different channel, you need to set a second recording.
  • Stop recording: Choose to stop the recording At the scheduled end time or up to 3 hours later.
  • Keep until: Choose to keep your recording on your PVR until space is needed or until you decide to erase it.

Each of these options can be modified later from the recording details page by selecting Edit recording, then Save changes.

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