What is Closed Captioning (CC)and how do I set it up on my TV?

Closed Captioning (CC) displays text on the screen and is usually a transcript of the program's audio.

The models Arris 3520, RNG200N and TDC777D have a Closed Caption option directly in the Main Menu.

  1. Press on Menu twice.
  2. Select Setup.
  3. Select Closed Captioning Setup.
  4. Change the CC field to ON or OFF.

You can also turn CC on and off another way with certain models of Cogeco receivers.

  1. Press on POWER to turn off the receiver.
  2. Press on Menu/Settings a few times to bring up the User Settings screen.
  3. Select Closed Captions.
  4. Change the CC field to Enabled/ON or Disabled/OFF.
  5. Turn off the receiver to save the settings.
  6. Press on CBL and POWER to turn on the receiver.

Note: Some receivers (e.g. DCT700, DCT1700, DCT2000/2500) don't have a Closed Caption option.

Sometimes however this is a TV function and is not controlled by the Cogeco receiver.

To turn it on or off, there should be a button on your TV remote (usually CC or Text), or it may be accessed through your TV menu.

For more information, please check your TV manual or contact the manufacturer.

Note: Keep in mind that not all programs will have closed captioning available but there is usually a CC icon at the start of programs for which it is available.

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Was this helpful?
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