What is Cogeco’s cable line burial process?

We perform a cable line burial when we need to improve signal strength to your property. This is a last resort, which we only do after trying less invasive troubleshooting techniques. Line burial season usually goes from the beginning of April until the end of October. It’s weather-dependent, because the process involves burying the line outside of the house.

Here’s what you need to know about our line burial process:

  • We don’t need access to your home to perform the burial.
  • Our burial crew may require access to your neighbour’s property. If this is the case, we will request access once on site.
  • We will need Ontario One to mark the locations of utilities around your house, and we may require permits from the city to bury your line, but you don’t have to worry about any of that; we take care of everything.

Rest assured that our burial repair crew will ensure that your landscaping is kept intact. Also, if you’re away from your home when we’re doing the work, we’ll hang a tag from your door to let you know the work has been done.

A note about wait times:

All work orders are prioritized based on submission date, and it takes approximately 8 to 12 weeks for the work to be done (except from November to March, when we aren’t able to perform any line burials). Part of this delay is due to the time it takes to get city permits and for Ontario One to mark the locations of utilities. While you’re waiting for your line burial, we’ll set you up with a temporary line.

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