Why can’t I access Super Écran on Demand?

Please check the following scenarios and if any of them apply follow the instructions to enable your access to Super Écran on Demand:

Correct configuration

  • If you are not a Super Écran subscriber you will not be able to access Super Écran on Demand.
  • Please call our Customer Service Department to subscribe.
  • Click here to find your nearest Cogeco Storefront.
  • If you have any equipment (VCR, Gaming Console, etc.) hooked up between your cable outlet and your digital cable receiver then you will not be able to access The Movie Network On Demand/Super Écran on Demand.
    • Cable outlet to
    • Digital cable receiver to
    • VCR /DVD/Game System to
    • Television
    • A few areas do not have Super Écran on Demand available. You can call our Customer Service to see if Super Écran on Demand is available in your area.
    • If you have requested that we disable Video On Demand (VOD) from your digital cable receiver you will not be able to access Super Écran on Demand. Please contact our Customer Service if you wish to have your VOD re-activated.
    • It is possible that Super Écran may, on rare occasion, be unavailable due to heavy customer usage during peak periods. If this is the case you will receive the following message: Server Unavailable. Try again in a few minutes and you should be able to access the service. If this continues for a prolonged period of time (over the course of one or two days) please call the Technical Support.
    • It is also important that your account payments be up to date to access the Super Écran on Demand. For any questions please contact the Customer Service.

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Was this helpful?
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