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Get unlimited licenses to download Cogeco Security GO on your tablets, smartphones and computers.

Now easier than ever to protect your loved ones’ privacy and shield them against online threats, while shopping, streaming, emailing or even just browsing.


With Cogeco Security GO, you will:

  • Discover more features and benefits
    • Protection against harmful ads and websites
    • Protection against identity theft and fraud
    • Firewall, anti-spyware, anti-spam and anti-phishing
    • Real-time automatic updates
    • Personalized settings for each user
    • You can manage the security of all your devices from your Cogeco My Account
    • Does not disturb or slow down your devices

Why protect your tablets and smartphones?

In today’s world, mobile devices are just as vulnerable to online threats as regular computers. The good news is that there’s Cogeco Security GO, which protects mobile devices by:

  • Getting rid of malicious ads
  • Encrypting your information while surfing on public Wi-Fi
  • Protecting your data while browsing or streaming
  • Blocking tracking attempts so you won’t see targeted ads

Benefit from award-winning protection.

We’re committed to giving you an online experience without worries—and one that’s much better than with free antivirus programs. That’s why we partnered with F-Secure, a global leader in Internet security.

With Cogeco Security GO, you’ll get the advanced coverage you need against viruses, malware, spyware, infected email attachments, identity theft, and much more.

A computer virus is a malicious software program that can spread from one device to another, and corrupt programs by modifying them.
Malware, which is short for “malicious computer software”, can prevent your computer or mobile device from functioning properly. Malware can send your personal data over the Internet to unauthorized parties without your knowledge.
Spyware is a software that’s installed on your computer or mobile device without your knowledge, with the goal of collecting your personal information and sending it to a third party when you’re online.
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